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Culture Day

Culture Day 2023, 2024 and 2025

Every 3 November is Culture Day in Japan. Culture Day is a holiday specifically dedicated to celebrating Japanese culture, the arts, and excellence in academics.

20233 NovFriCulture Day
20243 NovSunCulture Day
4 NovMonCulture Day Holiday
20253 NovMonCulture Day
20263 NovTueCulture Day
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Originally, 3 November was the birthday of Emperor Meiji, but after he died in 1912, it was no longer celebrated. Then, in 1927, Meiji’s birthday was again observed until 1948, when the current Culture Day took its place.

On Culture Day, local governments throughout Japan host art exhibits, put on parades, and honour scientists and scholars with special awards. The Hakone Feudal Lord’s Parade is particularly spectacular and well loved. The Order of Culture awards are the most prestigious in the country, being given out by the emperor himself to those deemed worthy by the Order.

Also, many colleges throughout Japan will unveil their finest research papers and projects on Culture Day, while lower level schools will put on festive cultural celebrations for students, parents, and all comers.

Previous Years

20223 NovThuCulture Day
20213 NovWedCulture Day
20203 NovTueCulture Day
20193 NovSunCulture Day
4 NovMonCulture Day Holiday
20183 NovSatCulture Day
20173 NovFriCulture Day