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Japan Public Holidays

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The Golden Week is known to be one of Japan’s busiest holiday seasons as there are four national holidays within one week. The national holidays that make up the Golden Week are Shōwa Day (29 April), Constitution Memorial Day (3 May), Greenery Day (4 May) and Children’s Day (5 May).

Similarly, the term Silver Week is used to make up the consecutive holidays in September. The first Silver Week occurred in 2009 where Japanese get to enjoy a five-day holiday.

Unlike the Golden Week which occurs annually, Silver Week occurs every 5-7 years. The national holidays that make up the Silver Week are Respect for the Aged Day (September), Autumnal Equinox (23 September) and Kokumin nokyūjitsu, known also as Citizen’s Holiday, which is an extra holiday between the 2 national holidays.

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