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Coming of Age Day

Coming of Age Day 2025 and 2026

Japan celebrates Coming of Age Day on the second Monday of January. This holiday is dedicated to recognising the nation’s newest adults who have reached legal adulthood after 2 April of the previous year or who will reach it by 1 April of the current year.

202513 JanMonComing of Age Day
202612 JanMonComing of Age Day
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Coming of Age Day is mostly celebrated by parties put on for those who have or who will turn 20 in the relevant April to April timeframe. There are get-togethers with family and friends with food, fellowship, and much cheer.

There are also special, traditional ceremonies connected with Coming of Age Day. These take place at local government offices throughout the land. Officials give speeches to the newest batch of adults and give them small gifts.

It is traditional for women who’ve just come of age to dress their finest on Coming of Age Day. They typically wear a long-sleeved kimono, called a “furisode”, which they have rented or borrowed from a relative. They spend much time in beauty salons preparing for the occasion. Men used to wear traditional hakama, but nowadays, they usually don a snappy suit and tie.

Previous Years

20248 JanMonComing of Age Day
20239 JanMonComing of Age Day